The only Apple mail to PST import solution that works for beginners!

The only Apple mail to PST import solution that works for beginners!

March 9, 2021 General 0
Import Apple Mail to PST

Procuring precise results in the task to import Apple mail to PST is extremely difficult for those who have no technical knowledge on the subject. But is it absolutely mandatory to burden oneself with such a tiresome task? The answer is thankfully a big no. All that a user needs to build accurate copies of the data files in the Apple mail to PST import process is a proficient email converter tool. And one such tool is USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro!

Apple Mail to PST Import Solution

Mail Extractor Pro is an absolutely splendid choice for users with negligible to little knowledge on the subject. This tool comes with a user-friendly interface that is comprehensible for one and all. There is no use of technical jargons and for further support there is inclusion of 24*7 customer care services. What is more is that the process to convert Mac email to PST is fully streamlined. It is automated for the most part which smoothens the journey of every single user.

Apple Mail to PST Import

Included hereunder is a quick insight into the steps involved in the Apple mail to PST conversion process:


  1. The process begins with the upload of Apple mail files onto the tool. This can be done manually by navigating to the previously archived folders on the system. Users can also use the shortcut by directing the tool to automatically extract data files from the default directory.
  2. Once the data gets uploaded, users can shortlist the items to be converted from Apple mail to PST. It is pretty simple; the users simply need to select/deselect the folders to finalize the list of items.
  3. It is possible to set the file size for final PST files at this stage.
  4. Click on convert, choose the destination location for final files, and the process will begin shortly after. The progress report will get displayed on the screen.
  5. Once the process gets completed, the final files can be accessed directly from the tool or by navigating to the location chosen at previous stage.

This short and concise process is a sure-shot way of getting precision results in the Apple mail to Outlook conversion process.

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Mail Extractor Pro- an Apple mail to PST precision converter!

Mail Extractor Pro has been created by a team of experts who have paid immense effort on establishing a tool that fits the needs of all users from beginners to experts. It is therefore highly advanced while being completely comprehensible. Some ultra-smart features that make it a fabulous choice are:

  • Multiple format input options
  • Bulk conversions
  • Automatic upload of data
  • Supersonic speed
  • 100% safety of data files
  • Precise final files
  • Simple interface
  • 24*7 customer care support

The list is endless and thus the bottom line is that it is more than perfect way of importing Apple mail to PST.

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