Convert Mac Email to PST for Outlook for Mac & Windows

Convert Mac Email to PST for Outlook for Mac & Windows

February 13, 2019 General 0
Convert Mac Email to PST for Outlook Mac

Convert Mac Email to PST with the perfect converter tool that you now need to worries about safety and accuracy.

Never was Mac Mail MBOX to PST conversion so easy. The task that email user always dread has become a cakewalk.

And to achieve this feat you’ll need the assistance of the best converter tool in the market, Mail Extractor Pro.

Convert Mac Email to PST with the most advanced features

Mail Extractor Pro helps to Convert Mac Email to PST with ease, efficiency and accuracy.

Convert Mac Email to PST

The tool provides features that simplifies the process to Convert Mac Email to PST.

From ease to speed the tool offers it all to you.

With the complete package of the features that the tool has to offer, the process to Convert Mac Email to PST is refined and streamlined.

Mac Email to PST

Unicode, ASCII or anything else it doesn’t matter

Major problem that the users face when they Convert Mac Email to PST is that their converter tool is unable to process through all the data types that travel via email.

Mail Extractor Pro solves this problem by converting all the data types present in your input file without fail. Data traveling through Email can be broadly classified into Unicode and ASCII. ASCII constitutes only the textual part of the data. And Unicode consist of all the rest portion of the data like Attachments, Nested Messages, Calendar Data etc. Out of the two ASCII is easily converted by most tools used to Convert Mac Email to PST, it’s the Unicode portion that causes the damage.

It doesn’t gets completely converted which results in incomplete Apple Mail conversion and may have negative effects on the input data. Mail Extractor Pro solves that problem by converting everything present in the input file without fail, thus, providing you with a complete and safe conversion process.

Accuracy is the key

When it comes to conversion accuracy there is no tool catching Mail Extractor Pro. The tool provides you with the best in class conversion accuracy.

It converts everything in the input file down to the last bit without fail while Converting Mac Email to PST.  The tool leaves nothing behind during the conversion process, thus, making it a complete and perfect conversion. To add to this the tool even retains the folder hierarchy whilst Converting Mac Email to PST.  This makes the output file an exact replica of the input file simplifying the post conversion operations like debugging and navigation.

To top it all off there is the interface

The interface provided by the tool makes it all easy and comfortable to Convert Mac Email to PST.  The interface shows only what is necessary and avoids scary extra features. It even guides you through the conversion process by providing pop-up wizards and dialog boxes at every step in the conversion process. It makes the scary looking process of importing MBOX to Outlook a pleasant experience.

Download the trial today

Mac Email to PST Converter

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