Struggling to convert MBOX to PST? Then here is the solution you need!

Struggling to convert MBOX to PST? Then here is the solution you need!

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You don’t have to worry if you are struggling to convert MBOX to PST effectively. Flawed conversion process, data losses, corruption and lapses are very common when you don’t have the right means to carry out the conversion process. All that you need to do is change to a better conversion solution.

Conversion solution that performs well and is easy to use is the ideal choice for any user. But finding this kind of conversion solution can be a little tricky. As there are a number of solutions available in the market, thus, a little caution is required in choosing the right solution for your conversion process.

MBOX, PST and the right conversion solution

MBOX and PST are two of the very famous file formats on MacOS and Windows respectively. Both of the file formats work very well with their parent email clients. But the real problem starts when you need to inter-convert the data between the two.

MBOX is a very popular email client that works very well email clients running on MacOS based systems. It is generic and easy work with. It is also compatible with many email clients running on the same operating system. The generic nature of the format has made it a favorite amongst many email clients.

PST on the other hand, lacks this generosity. The file format is proprietary to Microsoft, thus, only available for Windows Outlook to use and work with. Therefore, you need to convert your MBOX data to PST to ensure that everything is imported in your Outlook account.

How to convert MBOX to PST?

Once you are familiar with the need to convert MBOX to PST, the first question that pops in your mind is how to convert MBOX to PST. The answer to this question is Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software.

convert mbox to pst

The tool is the best conversion solution present in the market. A perfect blend and balance of power, precision and support. The features provided by this converter tool gel together very well and give you a conversion solution that can handle all the aspects of your conversion process.

how to convert mbox to pst

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Features provided by the tool include:

  • Preserves the folder hierarchy: Messed up folder hierarchies of the output files produced as the result of your conversion process can become an obstacle in your post conversion operations. This tool preserves the folder hierarchies of your input files during the conversion process. This makes the output file produced a replica of the input file ensuring no obstacles in your post conversion operations.
  • Easy to use Interface: The interface of this converter tool makes the entire conversion very easy to carry out. It provides you with support on all the steps of the conversion process ensuring that you don’t get sidetracked when converting your MBOX data to PST.
  • Bulk Conversion of files: The tool allows you to convert multiple files at once without compromising with the quality of the conversion process. You can select all the files that you want to convert with this tool. Then in a single go, the tool converts them all making the process faster and efficient.

Download the mbox converter trial of the tool today to try out all these features and a lot more.