Convert OST to MBOX in Mac Directly – Tutorial, Features, and More!

Convert OST to MBOX in Mac Directly – Tutorial, Features, and More!

January 9, 2018 General 1

If you are looking to convert OST to MBOX in Mac directly, this post will take you through each step on how to do it like a pro.

Convert OST to MBOX in Mac

First of all, there are many OST to MBOX converter, but most of them work in Windows and are incredibly slow and inefficient. Worst of all, they are not designed for full conversion. With those traditional Windows base converters, you would often find the output MBOX data files missing certain components that were present in OST. This is called the loss to data fidelity or fragmentation.

To tackle this, you have to get a truly precise conversion tool from a reliable source. And the best is “OST Extractor Pro” from the USL Software. It’s the most recommended tool by experts when it comes to converting OST to MBOX in Mac. And why is that would be clear from the rest of the post, when we will explain how to use it and what are its features.

OST Extractor Pro is designed for converting data from ost to pst, mbox, eml file formats and email clients like Apple Mail Mailbox, Thunderbird, the Postbox etc.

How to use “OST Extractor Pro”

This is a short, very short, tutorial on how to convert OST to MBOX in Mac using “OST Extractor Pro.” This will give you an idea how simple it is to use the tool, thanks to the amazing interface, which is fully intuitive and natural to sue.

  • Get the trial setup here and install it to follow the steps shown below.
  • Click on Add OST to add the OST files to convert. If you want to convert multiple files, keep all OST files under a single folder and then select that folder.
  • Check the folders you want to convert. Filter the particular type of folders (emails, contacts, or calendar) from the filter options.
  • Choose ‘MBOX’ from the list of output options.
  • Check other optional settings and click ‘convert’

Wait for the conversion to be over.

Convert OST to MBOX in Mac

OST Extractor Pro also comes with windows version.

convert ost to mbox

Why it is Best for Converting OST to MBOX in Mac!

The first and foremost reason for why ‘OST Extractor Pro’ is best is simply its interface and how it simplifies the job. The tutorial below is no more than 5 steps, as a result of excellent UI designing and automation of other manual actions in typical converters.

But that’s not all:

Here’s a list of its top features that will further let you know why “OST Extractor Pro” quickly top the ranks:

  1. It supports batch conversion. You can load the folder that contains multiple OST files and the tool will convert them altogether in a single click without diluting the other performance aspects like speed or the output precision.
  2. It converts non-English text including Japanese and Chinese characters too.
  3. All your contacts & calendars data files are converted to VCF & ICS data files respectively. You can also choose to merge the items per folder into their respective single file (VCF for Contacts and ICS for Calendar).
  4. The conversion is fast, allowing you to convert one GB of OST file or files to MBOX in usually less than 10 minutes.

Download to Convert OST to MBOX in Mac

Get the trial edition if you want to use it yourself and check everything out in further detail.

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With such a friendly UI and amazing features, you are not going to get any better tool to convert OST to MBOX in Mac.

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