Converting Apple Mail to Thunderbird? Well, here is the best way to do it!

Converting Apple Mail to Thunderbird? Well, here is the best way to do it!

October 18, 2022 General 0

Converting Apple Mail to Thunderbird can be easy as well as hard, depending upon the route you take. For some people it can be the most daunting task there is, for some the easiest. All you need is the right knowledge and guidance about converting Apple Mail to Thunderbird.

Apple Mail to Thunderbird Conversion: Challenges

Apple Mail to Thunderbird Conversion sounds very straight forward. But there are certain challenges that you need to overcome in order to get your conversion process done properly.

Both Apple Mail and Thunderbird are very famous email clients on MacOS. They have a lot in common, except for the most important part, the way they store the email data.

Thunderbird uses the generic MBOX format for storage of data whereas Apple Mail shifted to EMLX format for storing its email files. This contradiction between the file formats is the point where all the problems starts. Since Thunderbird isn’t compatible with the EMLX format you need to convert the Apple Mail data to MBOX format so that Thunderbird can store it.

This conversion process is where your entire process depends. You can manually try and convert the data but the amount and complexity of data involved in Apple Mail to Thunderbird conversion renders manual methods useless.

Plus, tiring and tedious task of extraction and conversion of EMLX format doesn’t bear the right fruit.

So, how do you convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird?

Third-party converter tools: The answer to your Apple Mail to Thunderbird conversion woes

Third-party converter tools is the route you take to get the most out of your conversion process. These modern software tools help you out with all the aspects of the conversion process with the help of the features they provide.

But choosing the right converter tool is the key. There are a number of tools out there and not every one of them delivers the performance it promises. You need to be careful with the tool you choose.

Mail Extractor Max is the best choice to go for. The tool is the most recommended tool for Apple Mail to Thunderbird Conversion by the experts. It offers you an all-round solution that tackles all your conversion problems easily.

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Let the tool do all the work

Mail Extractor Max works towards reducing the errors and bugs that might occur during the conversion process. For this purpose only, the tool provides you with the option of automatically loading up the email database files.

You just need to follow the instructions that the tool gives. It automatically detects the default Mail folder in your system and then loads up all the files present in your email database file. This makes sure that nothing gets left behind during the conversion process.

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Converting it all is the next step

The tool supports some of the latest high end algorithms. They help you in converting all the data present in the input files. The tool converts all kinds of data loaded up for conversion, thus helping you to convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird flawlessly.

Unicode, meta data, images, even the double byte data is easily converted by the tool, providing you with a clean and complete conversion process.

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Download the free trial of the tool to test all this out for yourself. Once satisfied, move on to the premium version of the tool for endless support and exclusive features.

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If you are looking for accurate and secure converter software, then try ‘Mail Extractor Max’ today.