Why Use Sloppy EMLX to MBOX Converter for Mac when You Can Have This Amazing Alternative Tool That Targets the Database Directly!

Why Use Sloppy EMLX to MBOX Converter for Mac when You Can Have This Amazing Alternative Tool That Targets the Database Directly!

December 19, 2017 General 2
EMLX to MBOX Converter

EMLX to MBOX Converter for Mac is a special category of software applications that are used for moving Apple Mail data into standard MBOX files for either migrating to other client that supports MBOX file or keep the data backup in a generic file format, which is MBOX.

EMLX to MBOX Converter for Mac

However, the traditional approach of digging into your database and loading EMLX files for the mere purpose of getting the data into MBOX format is somewhat inefficient. But since all third-party solutions do not offer any other approach and Mac Mail itself doesn’t create standard MBOX files (it creates file packages with .mbox as an extension but they are not MBOX files), most users to have to rely upon EMLX to MBOX converter for Mac.

The biggest issue with EMLX to MBOX conversion method is that it only converts emails. Contacts and calendar data are stored in other formats and they are not included in this method. Also, the attachments are stored in EMLXPART files, so you don’t get to get attachments into MBOX files either.

This article will change that for you and instead propose a far more effective road to data conversion that doesn’t have a single drawback like the typical EMLX to MBOX converter do.

The best EMLX to MBOX Converter for Mac

For that, you will need an excellent utility developed by USL Software called “Mail Extractor Max”.

emlx to mbox converter for mac

How does it change the approach and how does it make it easier and accurate for users?

Mail Extractor Max” doesn’t require you to load EMLX files. You simply click on Auto-load and it will target the profile or identity database folders of Mac Mail. It’s quite obvious how that simplifies the process, but you may miss is that it significantly improves the accuracy of data conversion.

With traditional EMLX to MBOX converter Mac, users almost always find something missing in output files. Like graphical objects, attachments, embedded word docs or excel sheets, nested emails, folder hierarchy, non-English text, and so on. With “Mail Extractor Max,” all such loss of data integrity is not even a possibility, since it doesn’t deal with any raw files, but with the source of data directly.

How to use “Mail Extractor Max”

The UI is another feature of “Mail Extractor Max” that totally separates the tool from all other typical ones in this category. The process is usually considered a bit complex and lengthy. The interfaces of all other tools don’t make it any easier. But with this one, not only you get a direct approach of converting Mac Mail data, you also get a simple UI that lets you apply all the features very intuitively without any efforts.

If you have no background technical idea of email migration, you can just as easily convert your data to MBOX as any other IT expert. This is truly an unparalleled feature that changes the entire landscape surrounding email migration. Simple EMLX to MBOX converter can never make the job so easier for beginners or non-experienced users.

Here’s a short step by step way of using it:

  • You launch the tool
  • Click on “load,” and choose ‘auto-load’ option under Apple Mail
  • You can see all the folders from the profile folder automatically
  • Unmark folders you don’t want to convert
  • Check other settings and set them accordingly to what you want
  • Hit ‘convert’

And you are done. No more manual loading of files, no hassle. It can’t get any simpler than this.

Wait for the tool to finish the conversion. Once finished, simply import the MBOX files to wherever you want, or store them wherever you want if you want to your data as a backup. You have convert your Mac Mail data into standard MBOX files in no more than 10 clicks.

EMLX to MBOX Converter

Download EMLX to MBOX Converter for Mac

Get the setup here, install, and check it out in a trial mode.

Download it herehttps://www.mailextractormax.com/.

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