Why ‘OST Extractor Pro’ for Importing OST File in Mac Mail is the Smartest Choice?

Why ‘OST Extractor Pro’ for Importing OST File in Mac Mail is the Smartest Choice?

May 20, 2021 General 0

Are your important emails stuck in OST files that you want to transfer to Mac Mail? If you answered yes to that, this post will guide you on the right path.

Importing OST file in Mac Mail is not a standard task regarding emails. It is something users often have no experience with. And the nature of OST file makes it more complex, as the file is not meant for operations like this.

This article below discusses a simple and efficient way for doing so using ‘OST Extractor Pro.’

Import OST file in Mac Mail

It is an OST converting app for Windows and Mac OS X, which is available to download using the link given below. What it does is takes all the contents inside OST files and puts it into another format of your choice, which is Mac Mail or standard MBOX. The tool gives multiple options for output formats: PST, Thunderbird, MBOX, Postbox, Mac Mail, or OST to EML.

import ost file in mac mail

Here is how the process looks like:

  1. Download, install, and launch the tool
  2. Click on “Add OST” and browse wherever they are
  3. Select the file or multiple files you want to import to Mac Mail
  4. You are free to remove folders for exclusion if you want
  5. Select ‘Apple Mail, Address Book, Calendar’ as the output format (you can choose other formats as well like MBOX, EML, Thunderbird, Postbox, Outlook PST file, etc.)
  6. Select a folder where you want to save the converted files and click ‘save’
  7. Click ‘Start’
  8. You can see the conversion in the progress bar. Wait for it to finish
  9. When it is over, you can move the converted data to the Apple mail database by simply ‘importing’

ost file in mac mail

As you can see from the above, it has a simple procedure that anyone can follow. But that’s not the only reason we ask you to get ‘OST Extractor Pro.’


One of its other significant aspects that you will appreciate is the accuracy with which it converts all the emails, contacts, and everything else associated with the OST files. Including images and all graphical components, attachments, header info like Time and data stamps, email addresses, links, etc.

Support Unicode Contents

The tool also brings the full support for converting any emails that might be in other languages than English. Mostly, languages like Chinese are using DBCS standard, which uses double-byte for each graphical character, unlike English which only uses single byte. There are also special characters in emailing, both within the email main text and in headers. That are not able to convert through traditional converters. “OST Extractor Pro” removes all this complexity and natively supports Unicode standard for text encoding that includes practically all languages.

Preserve Everything

“OST Extractor Pro” is designed in a way that ensures nothing is skipped during the transition from OST file to Mac Mail – a complete 100% data precision. Get it today to import Outlook OST to Office 365, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Windows Live Mail etc.

If you are interested in seeing it for yourself, the free version will help. Download it below from the official page.

importing ost file in mac mail

For users wishing to convert Mac Mail to PST, they can pick up “Mail Extractor Pro” that allows conversion to PST files for importing data into Outlook. In fact, you can also move PST in Mac Outlook. “Mail Extractor Pro” also comes in a free trial version. It is available for Mac OS X, unlike “OST Extractor Pro,” which is cross platform in Mac OS X and Windows.