Save/Export your Folders from Mac Outlook to EML

Save/Export your Folders from Mac Outlook to EML

July 20, 2021 General 0

Mac Outlook to EML Conversion – No Data Disintegration or Other Imperfections

Convert your folders from Mac Outlook to EML

EML is a simple text-based email file; you can even view the content in its raw form using any text editor. You can also import it in many email clients to properly see the emails without the syntax. But if you are trying to save or export the folders in Mac Outlook to EML, you have a bit of a challenge on your hands.

Exporting folders from Mac Outlook to EML is not a process consists of simple point and clicks. Because there is no native function inside Outlook to do so, other third-party utilities or elaborate manual methods must be performed to get everything safely conserved into EML.

This does not happen cleanly and quickly, as you would want to. Many times, the resulting files have disintegrated into a mess, with broken images, altered folder structure, and other flaws with the integrity of your files. Barely does any tool or method yield a clean output where you won’t find any mismatch between the original and resulting database.

The ultimate solution for it

If you do not like this and think that it is a way too risky endeavor to make your crucial and treasured email-data to go through, you will find “OLM Extractor Pro” to be an extremely valued and treasured piece of application software.

Mac Outlook to EML

It can be installed on your Mac in no time. That needs no manual configuration to start it up. And it simply works after you load up your OLM Files from Mac Outlook.

To use “OLM Extractor Pro” to save the folders from Mac Outlook to EML, all you need is to archive or export the folders. This doesn’t take long, as OLM is a native file of Outlook Mac and there is a simple and in-built ‘export’ function to do so. Once the emails are in an OLM file, you can load the file with the tool, pick the “EML” as your desired output format, and click “Convert.”

The time required to process everything to this new EML file will depend on the number of emails and the overall size of your OLM file. But once finished, you will have accurate representation of your folders from Outlook Mac into EML. The way “OLM Extractor Pro” operates on these complex data files is through a methodological and optimized internal logic, which returns output data in the form of EML without errors and disparities, which is otherwise way too common in such email migration task if you are not careful.

Furthermore, “OLM Extractor Pro” also outperforms other OLM to EML converters in all of these following criteria:

  • User friendly interface
  • Safety of your data
  • Speed of conversion
  • Not taxing on your system
  • Works without internet connection
  • Allows batch conversion
  • Quick installation
  • Converts non-English and special characters too
  • Converts all kinds of attachments too, including media and application files
  • Keeps metadata and header info intact
  • Retains the original structure of folders and sub-folders within a parent folder
  • Keeps the visual formatting of emails intact (like font, graphics, margins, links, etc.)
  • Allows option to keep read and unread emails separately in different folders.
  • Allows option to ignore empty folders and not convert them into EML
  • Compatible with legacy versions of Outlook
  • Small size setup and installed-version
  • Technical support opens all around the clock
  • Licenses for commercial use available
  • Free demo

Get trial copy today

Convert Mac Outlook to EML

“OLM Extractor Pro” from USL Software is a complete software app with no loose ends or imperfections. No wonder it is often ranked at top for the safest and most convenient way to get your emails and other items from Outlook Mac to standard EML Files. And now, you can try it out and find out personally why that is so.

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