MBOX to PST Converter Tool That You Wish You Had Known Earlier!

MBOX to PST Converter Tool That You Wish You Had Known Earlier!

June 20, 2018 General 0
mbox to pst converter tool

Here’s one mbox to pst converter that you wish you had known earlier. Read the article to know more.

MBOX to PST Converter Tool

Switching to a different operating system can really make an experienced user bent out of shape. Even the IT professionals find themselves to be on the edge during a large scale project involving switching to a different operating system.

However, the biggest thing to tackle during a shift-over is the migration of email data. And since, MBOX is the most popular email data file for Mac based email clients and Windows Outlook is the most used client on Windows platform, converting MBOX to PST is the task that frequently comes up on forums and blogs.

And that’s the one we are discussing here. It’s specially about converting MBOX to PST, where MBOX is a file used by many Mac based email clients and PST is the data filed by Outlook and the only format Outlook understands and that you import.

There are only few tools that have stood the test of time in helping users to migrate data in MBOX to Windows Outlook. And we picked the best among them to help you go through this email migration job effortlessly.

MBOX to PST Converter

It’s the most used and most recommended MBOX to PST converter tool that you wish you had known earlier before you implemented all the sloppy applications built with poor algorithms and even poorer interfaces.

The converter is called “Mail Extractor Pro“.

One of the biggest advantages of “Mail Extractor Pro” comes through the company that brought it to you, USL Software.

mbox to pst converter tool

USL Software

USL Software is known for bringing some of the best answers to the puzzling questions and challenges of email migration. But more than that, they are known for their excellent support, free updates for lifetime, flexible pricing packages, better trial version that do not lock features, and similar benefits that are common across their entire product line up.

So, naturally, “Mail Extractor Pro” benefits from the same offerings.

You can get the free trial version to evaluate its performance. You can ask for help from the tech support available throughout the day and night. And you can choose any of the affordable pricing licenses to activate. You get always get updates free of cost whenever they are rolled out, and more.

But this is part of the package that wouldn’t matter unless “Mail Extractor Pro” delivers something different than the other horrible experiences by a conventional file converters.

Lucky for you, it does.

MBOX to PST Converter Tool, Works On Mac

It has carved out an entirely new niche of email migration tools that do not run based on the outdated algorithms and scripts and instead brings to you the most efficient and powerful programming framework that was desperately needed to make this task accurate and also easy for the beginners to implement.


Mail Extractor Pro” runs deeper than any other converter. It has multiple layers of data extraction that ensures that all the items inside MBOX files are converted to PST.

mbox to pst converter

It’s the only tool that also supports non-English text conversion. The mbox to pst converter tool maps folder hierarchy correctly, converts the metadata and headers without losing integrity. It has an option to split large PST files.

All of this combined give you the best possible experience of email migration that involves two very dissimilar emails files that run in two very dissimilar platforms.

Change of operating systems can be painful. And the email migration is the worst of them all.

mbox to pst

“Mail Extractor Pro” makes a large portion of that process simple.

Get the trial setup and run it on your machine to inspect the tools’ performance more closely.