OST Extractor Pro for accuracy in OST conversion

OST Extractor Pro for accuracy in OST conversion

December 17, 2018 General 0
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Whenever one has to move files from the ost format to the more useful pst format, it is not unusual for people to wish having an app which gets the task done automatically. The OST Extractor Pro by USL Software is one of the unique tools which is capable of carrying the task for both Windows and Mac. Its versatility is proved in its ability to convert the ost format into any of the given formats- eml, mbox, pst, Apple mail, and Thunderbird. Not only that, it is applicable to both- Outlook for Mac as well as Outlook for Windows.

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The reasons to carry ost conversion:

The files in ost format or offline storage table, though good enough to store data in offline form poses several risks to data, as well as inconveniences. First of all, in case of hardware failure all the ost files get corrupt which makes them inaccessible for future usage. Another problem is its inability to get synced with servers, which of course opens them to damage. In case of the delete of the exchange account with which the ost file is registered with, the ost files become inaccessible. Accidental shutdown of Outlook, virus and malware can seriously threaten the accessibility to ost files. Hence, the conclusion may be drawn that ost files are highly risky and open to malfunctions, thus the better option is to convert them into the more stable and useful format- the pst format.

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Accurate, Fast & Secure

This OST Converter app is not restricted to conversion of mails only, it works equally well with contacts, calendars and images. It works excellently well at preserving non-English text, and folder structures. Thus, the clients can use this app without having to stress about their folder structure getting destroyed and them having to fix it after the conversion. The OST Extractor Pro recognizes all languages, even those with double-byte characters, thus the content remains intact with this app. Its ability to work with versatility is recognized in its ability to extend its service to Contacts and Calendar files as well.

Simple and Powerful

The app is quite simple to use. It comes with a user-friendly GUI. This makes the tool useful for even technologically novice individuals. It prevents the data from getting converted into junk with its ability to recognize multiple languages. Thus, users who frequently receive mails from their international clients in various languages should prefer this app. Apart from that, the customer support service of this software is quite robust. They help out clients though mails as well as chats. Thus, people who have trouble functioning with this app for the first time can get instant help from the customer care service.

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Get this ost conversion

Thus, this app provides the best service ever in the process to convert ost to pst format. The users of this app would not have to face the usual risks and dangers associated with format change. They do not have to worry about the integrity of their data either as this app takes precaution to keep the data in their previous state. It would indeed be a wise choice to purchase this app or to try out its trial version for its in-built functions.