Most Affordable OST Recovery Tool

Most Affordable OST Recovery Tool

December 24, 2018 General 0
ost recovery tool for mac and windows

OST recovery does not have to be a dreadful task. Thanks to many amazing tools the task has become easy and doable in the recent years. But lack of information and ignorance has contributed to the sad state of affairs today. Many still try to recover OST files manually, and in the process lose more database than recovered.

In this article, proper guidance has been provided regarding the most affordable tool which can help you in OST recovery process. But before that enlighten yourself about the format you are trying to recover:-

OST recovery

OST is an amazing format. It helps save mailbox content offline. Everything from calendars to drafts makes way to OST. The best part is that one can edit OST files and when the system is back online, the changes are synced to Outlook.

But you have to understand two facts about OST to understand its importance. Yes you can save files offline and edit them. But because OST format is made for offline usage it is usually weak. Its weak formation and its location in hard drive of a computer system allow it to be prey to multiple virus and malware attack. Thus, the format is easily lost, damaged or corrupted.

The second information to know about OST format is that it cannot be used directly with Outlook. For that purpose it has to be imported in Outlook. This is done by MS Exchange server which syncs the two formats, OST and PST. However, when OST files are lost or damaged, then MS Exchange server cannot work with these files. For that you will have to choose another way.

So, true recovery of OST files will mean not just successful extraction of OST files but also its conversion to PST format because only then one will be able to use them at all.

The only method which does this complete and comprehensive recovery of PST files is OST Extractor Pro.

OST Extractor Pro

OST Extractor Pro is a premium tool of USL software. It has amazing technique speed and smoothness to it. Its simple graphical user interface makes it possible to recover OST files without breaking even a single sweat. It can also convert OST to PST files in bulk without any loss of speed or time. The tool is also known for preserving folder hierarchy which is so rare.

ost recovery

The best feature of OST Extractor Pro which makes it really successful is that it totally gets the anatomy of modern mails, and therefore, performs complete recovery of OST files.

ost recovery tool

Get the OST Recovery Tool

OST Extractor Pro is also very affordable. For only $49, you can get the individual license with free lifetime updates and unlimited usage. However, if you want to split the bill with some members of family or professional group, you can get a household license of the tool which will only cost $79 with same features as of individual license. So, you don’t need to wait anymore.

get the ost recovery tool

Try OST Extractor Pro today to convert ost to pst, mbox, eml, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird & Postbox. It works on both Mac & Windows.

Get the tool right now and enjoy OST recovery.