The perks of using USL Software for OLM conversion

The perks of using USL Software for OLM conversion

October 28, 2018 General 0

If you have to convert your files in the Mac device to some different mail format, then the OLM Extractor Pro by USL Software is the best choice available for you. It lets you convert OLM to Thunderbird, OLM to Entourage, OLM to Postbox, OLM to Apple Mail, OLM to MBOX without complications. It is also the safest ever method for conversion of data as there have been no reports of data corruption or modification with this app since it takes all precautions against them.

Most comfortable mail conversion experience with the expert:

Only the OLM Extractor Pro has been able to attain expertise in mail migration as well as provide accuracy in outcome. My experience with the tool has been top rate and I recommend it to anyone looking forward to migrating the mails in their Mac device to the one of their choice.

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The first feature which I found really appealing about this tool is the high speed of conversion. It let me convert files in bunches. I took all the similar files together, put them into a batch and convert them all at once. This sped up the process of conversion and the task was finished quite earlier than I had assumed. In addition to that, it provided its service in a manner which did not influence the effectiveness of the task either.

While converting my files, I was worried about the safety of my mail files which were in non-English languages and other such unique texts. I had heard tales of entire files going missing or getting modified due to the insufficiency of the converter used to deal with unique matter. However, I discovered that the OLM Extractor Pro is wholly capable of preserving Unicode components. None of my files went missing or get converted to junk with this converter and were returned in their original state upon conversion.

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What I found really admirable about this tool is that it is quite easy to operate. I do not have mush background knowledge regarding technology and was expecting a hard time converting the files. However, the situation turned out to be opposite as the wizard of the tool guided me at steps and procedures involved. It has a very user-friendly GUI which has been designed keeping in mind the needs of both beginners as well as advanced level users.

Another feature I especially enjoyed about this tool is the free software updates it provides to its clients. Every time a new feature is invented, it is added speedily by this tool and provided too its clients free of cost. Since it is available for a lifetime, it means there is no maintenance cost along with this tool. though it had all the necessary features in the beginning itself when I bought the tool, it has updated itself and now provides even more advanced features.

I must say that my experience with the tool was brilliant as with the client support system of this software. USL Software has got a helpful client support system with experts in mail conversion who are quite helpful and available 24*7.