Convert EML to PST without Outlook (Slick and Smart Way)

Convert EML to PST without Outlook (Slick and Smart Way)

August 27, 2021 General 0

If you have data in EML Files that you want to use in Outlook, you can convert the file to PST. And the solution we are suggesting below doesn’t require Outlook to be installed for this. For instance, if you have to share your EML data with some other Outlook users, you can share the converted PST files with them without having to use Outlook yourself.

But converting EML to PST without Outlook can be tough. There are no simple ways, like merely renaming files, or dragging and dropping, import/export through email clients, or so on. What you need is a proper and professional software for converting the data with integrity intact. Because the files may contain many complex parts that are otherwise not easy to map onto new format, such as folder hierarchy, Unicode content from headers, HTTP links, and more.

Convert EML to PST without Outlook installed on your machine

For dealing with all that complexity, there is “Mail Extractor Pro,” which works brilliantly for converting EML to PST files without Outlook or even Windows Live Mail (if you already have EML files).

Convert EML to PST without Outlook

Here are the most prominent features of “Mail Extractor Pro” that will make you fall in love with instantly:

  • Accurate EML to PST conversion of items like images, links, headers, metadata and so on. Everything gets processed by its internal logic or algorithms.
  • Maps the folders with correct structure from EML to PST. Folder structure is the most important factor in proper data management, and this tool lets you keep that intact.
  • Allows converting multiple EML files to PST in one go, even the large files. Forget one-by-one conversion that can take a whole day.
  • The output PST files can be used with both Windows and Mac Outlook, including the previous versions and Office 365 editions.
  • A simple and graphical interface makes it easier for beginners to use it. No need to go through rigorous training involving complex data formats.
  • Completely safe and keeps your data intact with integrity
  • Quick: works with large files with speed and steadiness
  • In-built support for converting Non-English (Unicode) text
  • Is light and requires minimal CPU, RAM, and other resources
  • Completely standalone (requires no other utility). Also works completely offline, which also adds to security of your data
  • Point-and-click installation procedure and no setup required/initial configuration. You just launch the setup and you are good to do.

In short, if you want a quick and safe way to convert EML files to PST without Outlook, “Mail Extractor Pro” shouldn’t be a difficult choice to make. It is built for the exact purpose that most users look for in email migration tool, and that includes, speed, safety, and accuracy.

Try it today

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To activate the full version, there are multiple licensing choices to pick from – personal, household, small-scale, and large scale company. And you can also begin right away in a free trial version that makes all features accessible for converting up to ten emails per folder.

Note that It can convert Thunderbird, Postbox, EML, MBOX to PST as well as export Apple Mail to PST for Mac & Win Outlook.

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And last but not least, the technical support is available at all times via chat and email, and can also lend a hand via TeamViewer if you need them to.