Perform OST to PST Conversion Securely

Perform OST to PST Conversion Securely

February 25, 2015 General 1
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How to perform the secure conversion of ost to pst with OST Extractor Pro

If you are wondering how you could extract your data from OST files to PST, you have come to the right place. Here, you would find the most convenient solution for an otherwise tedious and confusing task.

Converting data (emails, contacts, tasks, and all other items) from OST to PST is not one of the simple tasks that could easily be done from freeware tools. It demands extra attention, efforts, and an expert guidance to protect the files from data loss or corruption.

Let us have a brief look into an explanation of what actually is OST to PST conversion.


Two types of Outlook data files store contents including emails and all other items in Outlook database – PST and OST. OST files are used for working offline even when the server connection is not available. PST files are primarily used for POP3, IMAP, and web-based email accounts. To back up your data, you can create additional PST files and save them somewhere safe.

OST files are most commonly used when one uses Microsoft Exchange account. These files allow users to keep working with their contents without Outlook interface even if the connection to the main server is not established. Outlook synchronizes all your changes to OST files when the connection is restored later on.

Moreover, OST files are also used for setting up your (formerly known as account on Outlook email client now. There is no sense in backing up OST files because the same files are present in your mail server.


Often time, the reason for OST to PST conversion is seen in office environment. However, home individual users can also come up a situation to export OST data to PST.

The most common reason is the inaccessibility of data inside OST files. This can happen due to events like power failure, server maintenance, server crash, or accidental or purposefully deletion of the original exchange account. Many users sometimes delete their account without realizing that their data would be stuck inside OST files that can’t be accessed later on.

Even virus attacks, malicious software activity could result in disconnection from exchange account. At such times, you would find no way to access your emails or other contents stored in OST files.

Corruption issues are also one of the most common reasons to render OST files inaccessible. Many times, the Outlook client does not respond predictably and show a lot of errors that don’t appear to have a solution. “Your offline folder file could not be configured” and “operation failed due to a registry or installation problem” are one of those error messages.

All these situations lead to the requirement of OST to PST converter.

But doing is so not easy. It can lead to further corruption or data loss. Many ordinary tools fail to extract the stuck data in OST files and could also make the data more corrupted instead of repairing.

OST to PST Converter [OST Extractor Pro]

The most decent and reliable tool is “OST Extractor Pro”. It could obtain the corrupted or stuck data inside OST files and could easily convert it into PST files. Moreover, the tool has the critical algorithm for data extraction necessary to achieve high levels of data accuracy. It would not leave a single email attribute or any other information associated with you data.

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Stuff like-

  • Folder hierarchy
  • Embedded images
  • SMTP headers & Metadata
  • Attachments
  • Unicode content

…are most vulnerable and cheap tools or manual OST to PST conversion fails to detect them and preserve them.

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To achieve full data accuracy, with 0% data integrity issues, order OST Extractor Pro. If you are not yet sure, try the free demo version. This is for evaluation purposes only and you could test the tool under real conditions.

So, what are you waiting for?

Try it now, Our OST to PST Converter


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 Thanking you for choosing  the OST to PST Converter.

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