PST to Postbox Converter (MS Outlook to Postbox)

PST to Postbox Converter (MS Outlook to Postbox)

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Email conversion is a necessary evil with which every email user struggles one time or the other in his life.  It cannot be avoided, cannot be delayed and most importantly cannot be performed manually.

So, using a Third-Party converter tool is must.

The PST to Postbox Converter Tool

PST Extractor Pro is the answer to your prayers. This tool from USL Software converts, protects and guides as well. It is the most complete package in the market.

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The tool tarts by offering you the choice of selecting the format of the output file. Unlike any other converter this single tool can convert your PST file into multiple formats.

With the help of this PST to Postbox Converter you not only can convert your PST file into Postbox but also into Thunderbird, Apple Mail, MBOX etc.

Now you can manage more than one account with the help of a single tool itself. No need of searching the internet for a reliable tool every time you need to convert your PST file into a new format.

Reliability of the tool is also depicted in the policies and features that the tool brings to the table to ensure the security of your data.

The tool supports conversion of Unicode content too. This makes PST Extractor Pro stand apart from other PST to Postbox Converters in the market.

Unicode content is the non-English data present in your input file like attachments etc. Since the data is a bit different than the normal English on the structural level, so it is encoded with a different encoding scheme.

Therefore, its conversion is a bit tricky. Many PST to Postbox Converter fail to convert the Unicode content of your data and may end up damaging your original data as well.

But since PST Extractor Pro converts your Unicode data, so, it provides you with a complete safe and secure conversion process.

Get this PST to Postbox Converter Tool

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With safety the tool provides accuracy too. It is the most accurate and precise PST to Postbox Converter tool out in the market. The accuracy and precision of the tool, when it comes to the conversion process, is unmatchable.

And the tool does it all with lightning quick speed as well. The tool takes a lot less time than regular PST to Postbox Converter tools. The tool does so by supporting the approach of bulk conversion.

The feature of bulk conversion allows you to select all the files that you want to convert and then in a single go converts them all. It reduces the time that would have rather been wasted in going through the file one by one.

The interface of this PST to Postbox converter makes the usage of the tool a lot easier and efficient. It gives you support and guidance which help in carrying out the conversion process without any difficulty.

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So, grab the free to download trial version before you buy the premium version and get started. For nay queries or problems there is a 24*7 helpline available at your disposal.